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ftiUtAAt00.AttfAti:AAA The Preface. Chriftian Reader, thou be kit for the intere f of Chrifli unity, more thanof a party and aCordi- al friend to the Churches Peace, thsu-h thou be never fo much refolvedfor Ppifco pacy,1 doubt not but thou and I ¡hall be one, if not in each Opinin, yet in our Religi- on, and inBrotherly affetlion, and in the very bent of our labours andour lives: vIndIdoubt not but thou milt ap prove of the fcope andJubilance of thisfollowing Difputa. tlon, what imperfeölionsfoevermay appear in the Manner of, it. _ ForPurely there is that of God Iv thin thee, that will hardly 'offer thee to believe, that while Rome is taken for. a.true Çhurch,the Reformed that have no Prelates inu(l be.none : that their Paflors are meer Lay -men, theirOrdi- nationbeing Null : and corfequently their adminiflr.rti ons n Sacraments ,&c. Null andofno Validity. The Love that is in thee to all believers, andefpecially to the Soci- eties of the Saints, and the honour andinterefi of Chri f will keep thee from this,orflriveagain' it, as narure cloth again' poyfon or deffrutlive difeafes. If thou art not á meer Opinionif in Religion, but one that haft been l/lumi oratedb thefpiritofChrifl and felthis love flied'. abroad in thy heart, andhaft everhadexperience of fprritual com- munton,with chrifl andhis Church, in his holyordinan- ses, l dare, themventure my canfe upon thyjudgement : Go arnorg