Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

The Preface. mong them that etnchurch our Churches, and degradeour v iniflers, arsdper f ade all people to fly from them as'a plague , and try their doárine, their ¡pints, their publick wor Lip, their private devotion, andtheir whole converfa- tion ; andwhen thou hall,come into our Affemblies'ind fpare not, if thou be impartial, to objerve our imperfelii- ans: judge of our order andDifcipline andWor/h:p,together with our Doctrine andour lives : andwhen thou haft done un- churchus if thoudare(?, and tf thou canft. Wejuflifte not our (elves or our wayes from blemifhes : but if thou be hut heartily afriend to the Bridegroom, offer us then if thou darefl a bill of divorce, or rob him if thou 4141'41 of fo con- fiderable a portionof his inheritance. Surely if thou be his friend, thou eanfl hardly find in thy heart to deliver up fo much of his Kingdom to his Enemy,and tolet the name of theDevil onhis doors, andfay, This is the houfe of Sa- tanand not of Chrift. If thouhave received but what I have done (though, alas too little) in thofe Societies, and tofled in thofe ordinances but that which I . have tailed, thou would/l abhor to reproach thern,andcut them of f fròr» the portion of the Lord. Remember it is not Epifcopacy northeoldconformity that l am here eppofang. (My judgement ofthofe Cawfes Ihave given in the foregoing andfallowing difputation :) But it is only the New Prelatical Beet/fogs or Separatifts, that draw their followers from our Churches as no churches and our ordinances ofWor(hip as none, or worfe then nonc,and call them intoprivate boufes, as themeetefl places fortheir acceptablewar(hip. Whowouldhave thought that ever that generation fhouldhavecome to this, thatfo lately hated the name offeparation, and called theft private rnietings;Conó venticles, which were held bit'in due fubordination to Church meetings,andnot in oppofttien to them, as theirs are! Who wouldhave thought that thofe that teemed to difown Reeufancy,