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'1 é'4 The Preface. pion with us, andnot till then. And indeedmust we buy your communionló deer?As the Anabaptiflsdo by us in the point ofBaptifm, fodo thefeRecutants in the point of ordination; logmuft be Baptized faithone party,foryour Infant Bap- tifmwat none. Thu mull be Ordained faiththe other fort, foryour ordinationby Presbyters was none. The uplbot is, We muff be all oftheir opinions andparties, before we can have their Communion, or to bereputedby them the mini- fters andChurches ofChrift.. And on fuck kindofterms as thefe, we mayhave 'Unity with anySea. Ifreally we be not as hearty friends to order and Cifci- plinein the church as they ,we ¡hallgive them leave to tike it for ourflame, andglory in it as their honour. But the que- flion is not,whether we mutt have Church-order e but whe- ther it mull be theirs, andnone but theirs :' Norwhether we muff have Difcipline, but whether it muffbe only theirs t Nay,with me, I muffprofefs,thequeftion is, on the other fide whether we mull needs have a Name andthewof Difcipline tbats next to none, or elfe be no Churches or no Minifters of Chrifl ? The main reafon that turnethmy heart aaainfl the .Englifh Prelacy is becaufe it did de_ troy Church Difcipline, and almofi deftray the Churchfor want ofit, or by-the ahufe of it, and becaufe it is ( as then exercifed ) inconfi/tent with true Difcipline. The clueftionisnot, whether we mull have Bithops and Epifcopal ordination. We all yield to that without contradiaion. But the doubt is about their Species ofEpifcopacy, Whether we mug needs have ordi- nation by a Bifhop that is the foie Governeur over an hun- dred, er two hundred,or verymanyparticular Churcheseor whether the Bithops ofJingle Churches May notfuffice, at leafl as to the Being ofour office e Ipleadnot my own cattle, but the Churches ; For I was ordained long ago by a B.Jbop of their own with Presbyters. But I do not therefore take myfelt tobe difengagedfromChriftianity or Catholrcifm, and