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ThePreface. Recufancy% and ,perfecuted Separatifls, (houldhave come to this..? Tea that thole that under Catholickpretences can fo far extendtheir charity to the Papìfls, haveyet fo littlefor none ofthe meanefi of their Brethren, and for fo many Re- formed Prote(lantChurches ? Tea that they thould prefume even to cenfure ut out ofthe Catholick Church and con- fequcntly out of heaven it /elf. Ihave after heregiven thee an in(lance inone, Dr.Hide, who brandeth the veryfront of his Book. with _thefe Schifmatical uncharitable ft gmata. The fenflefs Beres ofone,Dr. Swádlirg,and others run in the fame channel,or. fink, if thefe men be Chrifllans indeed, me thinks they fhouldunderhand, that asgreat (that I fay not greater) blemi/hes, maybe found an all the reh of the Churches, as.tbofe.for which the Reformed are by them un- churched: andconfequently they will deliverup All to Sa- tan ; and Chrifl mull be depofed : And how much cloth this tome fhort of Infidelity ? At leaf!, me thinks their hearts Jb, uld tremble leafl they hear at laf, [ In not loving the'e you loved not me : in deípifing and reproaching thefe, you defpifed and reproached me..] Andyet theje men are the greatefh pretenders next the Romanifis, to Çatholicifine, unity, andPeace! StrangeCa- tholicks.thatcut of fogreat and excellent apart of the Ca- tholick Church ! end a fto kindof unity and Peace which all mufi be banifhed from, that cannot unite in their Pre - lacy, though the Epifcopaçy which Iplead for in the next Difputation.,theycan own. Thefumm oftheir offer, is, that if,all the ultinzPiers not Ordained by Prelates, will confefi themfelves to be weer Gay-men, and no Mrnihers ofe hrifl,' andwill be orda'nt dagain by them,4ndif the churches will confers themfelves No Churches , and receive the tfenceof churchesfrom . them,and the Sacrament andCburh Affem -. blies to be hull, invalid, or unlawful! till managedonly by PrelaticalMintfltrt,then they will have Peaceand commu- nion