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The Preface.' 5 So 4fo when fame have been hotly condemning sd as be- ingagainfi Bithops, I ask them what a Bifhop is a and whatfort of Bi(hops it is that theymean? And moll of them are, unable togive me a rational anfwer to either of the £,uefiions ? But tome that are wifer, though they know no moreforts ofBithopsbut one, yet they can fay, that by a Bifhop they mean an Ecclefiaflick Governour of Presbyters and the people. And iffo, then why do they vilifle Bithops under the name of Presbyters ? I have here fbew- ed you that ifthis be all, then every Parifh hath a Bifhop where there is a Pallor that bath Chappels, and Curatesun- der him : Or any two Minifiers that will fubjett them- felves to a third, do make a Bithop. You delude your[elves and others, while you plead only in general Bithops : We areallfor Bi[hops d/s well as you. All the 9ueflion What fort ofBithops they mull be ? Whether only Epifcopi gregis, or alto Epifcopi Epifcoporum gregis r and if fo, Whether they mußbe Bifhops of (ingle Churches, as our Parifbes are , or a multitudeofchurches, as Dieceffes are ? Andif the daft were granted, Whether there be not pro- perly Archbi/hops ? In all other parts ofthe Controverfie 1 find, that the followers of eachparty go, muchin thedark, and take much upon trufifrom the Teachers whom theyva- lue, and little underflandthe true fiate of our differences So that it is more by that common providence, commonly called Good luck, that fore ofthem are Protefiants or Chrifiians, thenfrom any lavinggrace within them. Had PapifEs or LI ahometans but as much interefi in them, as theBithops, it is like they would have been as much for them.. Asfor thofe ofyou that knowyour own Opinions, andthe Realons of them, you muff needs know that the Div'nes called Epifcopal in England, are of two forts, that very much differ from one another: And thereforefuppoin0 you (a 3 ) to