Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

9. =6 The Preface. tobe the followers ofthefe differing Divines, I (hall ac- cordinglyfurther [peak toyou as you are. I. The Bilbops of England, and their followers from the firft Reformation, begun by King Edward the fixt, and reziived by queen Elizabeth, were found in Doc` rive, adhering to the Auguftinian Method, expreffednow in the Articles andHomilies : They differed not in any confide rable points from thole whom they called Puritans : But it was in theform of Government, and-Liturgy, and Cere- monies that the difference lay. II. But oflate years anewfirain ofBilhops were introdu- ced, differing much from theold, &yet pretending to adhere to the Articles andHomilies, and to be Fathers of thefame Church of England as the refl. I know of none before BP,Mountague oftheir wayband butfew thatfollowedhim, tillmany years after. And at the demob/Ting of the Pre- lacy, they were exiflent ofbothforts. Would you know the difference ? Ifyou have read the writings of BP Jewel, Pilkington, Alley, Parry , Babbington, Baily , Ab bot, Carlton, Morton, Ufher, Hall , Davenant, with fach like on one fide ; and the writings of the New J pifcopal Divines that are nowmoftfollowed, on the other fide, I neednot tellyou the difference. And ifyou will not be at the-lab-our toknow it by their writings, its like that you willnot believe it if I tell you Forifyou willtake all on truft, I mullfuf1ieff that you will put your truft in Vim; to whomyou are addicted. The Newparty ofEpifcopal Divines are alfa fubdivi- ded : fame of themare (i f their Defence of Grotius, and Grotius-his own Profefsionmaybe.believed) of Grotius his Religion, that is, Papifis : others of them, though they draw as neer the Grotians as Proteftants may do, yet own not Popery itfell. So that we have three notable parties of .Epifcopal Divines among as. I. The old Orthodox Protefiant