Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

8 The Preface. the Laws af the Land have cafl out. "Ind the Grotians, teach, that the Church of Rome rc the miAis of other Churches, and the Pope to /land fes the Heìd f the Vni-- verfal Church, and ta Govern it according to the Canons andDecreil ofCouncils: and they receive the Trent-Creed andCouncil, and all other councils which the Pope receives, exceptingonly againfl force School-points , and abufe of manners among the Papifis, which their Canons and .De- crees condemn. 3. The old Epifcopal Divines did take Epi[copacyto be better then Presbyterian Equality, but not neclary to the Beingofa Church, but to the Better being where it may be had. But the New Prelatical Divines ofbothfan's, unchurch tho(c Churches that are not Prelatical: 4. The oldEpifcopal Divines thought that Ordinatiora tyPresbyters without Prelates was valid, and not to be done a,gan, though irregular. But the Nev ones take it to be Na ordination, nor thofe fo ordained to be anyminifiers, but Lay-men. 5.. Andaccordingly the oldEpifcopal Divines didhold the Forrein ProteflawChurches, of France, Savoy, Rol- land, Geneva, Helvetia, &c. that had no Prelates, olP true Churches, and their rafters as true Miniller,v of chrifi,and highly valuedand haiioared them as Brethren. Big the New fort do eltirown them all a no true chrrches, though they 4cknowledge the church of Rome to be a true, Church, and their ordination valt.l. 6. The old EpifcopalDivine.;: 'iought it lawful to joym in a5tual Communion with the Pips and Churches that 'were not Prelatical. But the Nem one; feparata from their communion, and teach thepeople tado fo, fuppofing Sacra- mental adminifirations to be '.7)ere performed by-men that aYcno .114inifiers, andhaveno authority. 7. The oldEpifcopal Divines thought it meet toftifpendi filence