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The Preface: 7 Proteflast Bi/hops and theirfollowers. 2.2 he New Recon- cu ing Proteflant party. 3. The New ReconcilingPapifis, or Grotians. cAr brieftafle ofthe difference I willgiveyou. i. The old Epifcopal party, a 1 Paid, in Doc`t'rine agreed with the Non-conformifl, and held that Dot1rine that nowwe findin the Articles, and Homilies, andin the Synodof Dort, whereBr Carlton, BP Hall , BP Dave- nant, and three more Divines ofthis Nation were, and had agreat hand in theframing of thole Canons, and by con- tenting, didas much to make them obligatory tous in Eng- land , as commonly is done in General Councils by the De- legates of moll Nations. But the New Epifcopal Divines, bothPrateflants and Papifls, do renounce the Synod of Dort, and the Docirine of our Articles and homilies, fofar as it is conform there- to, in the points of Predeflrnation Redemption, Free- will, Effecival Grace , Perfeverance, and Affurance of Salvation : following that Doctrine which is commonly maintained by the efuites and Arminians in theee points. 2. The old Epifcopal Divines did renounce the Pope as LAntichrifl, and thought it theduty of the Tranfnarine Churches to renounce him, andavoidcommunion with his Church, as leprous and unfit for their communion. But the New Epifcopal Divines do not only hold that the Pope is not lntichrifl, but one part of them (the Protefants) hold that he may be obeyed by the Tranfmarine Wejiern Churches as the Patriarch ofthe Wefl, and be taken by rai 411 to be the Principium unitatis to the Catholick Church, and the Roman Determinations gill may ¡land, except thole of the lait.four hundredyears, and there, if they obtrude them not on others. So BP Brarnhall , andmany more : And Mi' Dow, and others tell us that the Canon Law, is frll inforce inEngland, except force parts ofit which the