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AfffAMM`MMMWArhshigg The CONTE NTS, DTSPAAT.ION I Nether it be Necefaryor Profitable to the right Order or the Peace of the Churches of Eng- land, that we reftore the extrudedEpifco ac ?Ne cacewith g. Divines to be fought, pag. 2,3. The Nature of Church - Government opened, pag,5. to 14. Twelve forts of Bi(hops to bediflingui/hed, pag 14, 15. Which of theft a may be admitted fer Peace, pag. r6. unfixed General Minifters to do theordinary part of the. Apofiles work,are to be continued : proved, pag.2 i,2 2. What Power 4poftles had over other cminifters, p. 23, to 3o. The Authors Concefsions for'Epifcopacy, pag. 30, 31 e 4rguments againfi the Englifh Prelacy. i. It deftrayeth Government and its end, pag. 32. 2, ItgratifiethSatan andwickedmen, pag36. 3. It unavoidably eaureth diviftens, pag. 37 e . It fufpendeth or degradeth allthe Presbyters, pag. 3S. 5. It maketh Lay menchurch-governors. 6. Andoppreffeth the 13i(bops withguilt, pagé44. t it