Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

3 be that E Dr. Steward was a Grotan, andyet 4 no Papi:ft.: therefore Grotians are no Papif s one branch of his antecedent is .falle : Either he was no Grotian, or he was a Papift. Again 1 profefs, that it is:far from the delire of my foul, to raite fomuch as the leafs fufpicion on any that own not the Doctrine and De. fignof Grotius. Difclaim it, and we are fatü= fled. Dr. Hey/in was 'taken for as hot an antipuritan as mofinEngland : and yet (in a moderate Letter tome) he difclaimetht Groti- anifin : which i mention, partly left any, by my naming him on another occafón in that Book, mifconceive me to have accufed him of this, and principally to difcourage the fjç.- fenders of Grotius, when men as Dr. Rodinand Dr. Ste1ard are ag,ainí# them. The