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The Contents. DI SPUTAT ION 2. THofe who Nullifie our prefent Mini/lry and Churches whichhavenot the Prelatical Ordination, and teach thepeople to do the like, do incur the guilt ofgrievous in. 14Preface to the Difenters, pag.i 09. one Letter ofa Minifler of another County that openeth the Necefsity of this .óifputation, pag,127. Chap.' I . A Mini fier of Chrifl defined, pag;13o. Whether . fpeclal Grace be Neceffary to the being of a Mi- nuter, pag. 13o,13 I . What Qualifcations are Neceffiary, pag,.132, Manifiers hrifls officers, pag 13 3 #ß be feperated to the work, pag.134, who are the true tibia?'s of the Minifiry, :pag: 34, &c, Whether the Peers z.> Churchbe faro, p.136. Whether a particular Church or the V'niverfal be firth ìb:d, The Pafiors work inaparticular Church, P137. How far Intention is Nece(fdry to the Validity of anadnoi- raiflratitO, p.138. Calltoexercife after .a Call toOffice, p.139 Chap. 2: o f the Nature andEnds of ordination, (liez- ing what it is that isthe ordai ers ark,' and what nöt p.3. p.14 r. Cha Humane ordination not ,ofCon(l.snt Necefsity toethe Beingof the=lt41niPixy; fullyproved, p, i o. Chapf4 An uninterrupted Succefsion of Regular Ordi- nation is not of Necefsity, p.168.proved.' Chap.5, Ordination by fuck as the Englifb Frelates, not Necefsary to the Being of theMinflry, proved, p. 176, f) Objee7ions w-