Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

The Contents. ObjeClons Anfwered. Chap. 6. ordination efpecially at this time by Engli(1 Prelates is unnecefary, p. 19o. Chap. 7. The ordination sited now in England, and in other rroteflarst ,Churches is valid andagreeable to Scri- pure, and thepraelice of the antient Church, p.i98. fully proved and`fo our Miniflry vindicated, by twenty Arguments: Chap.8. Thegreatnefs of their fin that .ire now labouring to per[wade the people of the Nullityof our cítitinifiry, ,churches and Adminiflrations : Manifelled in forty aggravations, p.240. Chap.9. The fnfulnefs of defpifing ornegleïtingOrdina- tion, p.252.- The diflina power of Paflors, People andMagiflrates to our Call, 1325.3: Approbation of Paflors mufl be fought, p.258. What Pahors fbouldbe fought to for Ordination, p.266. DISPUTATION 3. ANEpifcopacy defirable for the Reformation, Prefer- vation, andPeace of the Churches, p274. Chap. z. of General unfixed Bithops or eiltiniflers, p.275. Chap. 2. of fixed Paflors, that alfa participate in the workof the unfixed, p.286. Chap. 3. It it lawful for the feveral Affociations a of rafters, tochafe oneman to be their Prefident durante vita., if hecontinue fat, p.297. What power fhall [rich have ' } .3áz. Chap.4. It is lawful for the Presbyters of aparticular Church tohave a fixedPrefidentfor life, p.307. Chap.5.