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The Contents. DISPUTATION. 5. Qu, VV Bether humane Ceremonies be Neceffary or v v Profitable to the Church? p395. Chap.!, Di f intlions AndPropofitions in order to the deci- fion, ibid. Chap.2. Ceremonies forbidden, or which man bath not power to inflitute, are not to be irrpofed as profitableer lawful, p.399. which thole be. inflances of all our commonly controverted Ceremonies confidered, p.409. Chap.3. Irk fuch unlawful impolitions it is an aggrava- tion of thefin, ifCeremonies are pretended to be Di- vine, : p.425. Chap.4. 1f things ;unlawful are commandedas indiffe- rent, or things indifferent as nece(fary, theyare finfully impofed: and the more, becaufe offuckpretenfes,p.4a7. Chap. 5. A lawful and convenient thing isfnfufly im- poled, when it is lmspofed on agreater penalty thenthe nature and rife of it doth require, or then the common goodwill bear, p.429. Chap. 6. It is not lawful to make any thing the fullells duty by a Command, that is meerly indifeyent antece- dently, both in it Pelf andas cloathed with its.accidents, P433. Chap. 7; Some things may be lawfully and profitagy commandedat one Timeand Place, and to one fort of People, that may not at, or to another, no nor be obeyed if commanded, P.439, Chap 8. 'Thole orders maybe profitable for the peace Df; the Churches in one Nation, that are not neceffary to the peace of the Churche> of many Nations, p.445. Chap. y. There is noweer Humane i'niverfalSoveraizn, (f,3) Civil