Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

The Contents. Civilor Eecleflaflical over the wholeChurch, andthere- fore none to make Laws obligatory to the whole, p.448. Chap. ro. if it be not our Lawful Governors that com- mand to, but ufurpers, we are not formally bound to obey them, though the things be lawful which they com- mand, , p.452. Chap. I i.. The commands of lawful Governors about lawful Ceremonies, muffbe underfloodand obeyed with fuch exceptions asdo fecure the End: andnot to the fub- vertingof it, 13.458. Chap.rz. It maybe very finful to command fome Cere- monies, when yet it may be the fubjeas duty to ufe them when they are commanded, p.46o. Chap.13. The Confiant ufe of things indifferent (hould not be commanded ordinarily ( fee the exceptions ) but they f,ouldbe femetimesufed,fometimes not, p.464. Chap.I4. Thirty Reafons againfi the impofingof our late Controverted Myfiical Ceremonies, as Crofsing, Sur- plice, &c. p.467. Chap.'s. Babas perfwading to obedience in Lawful things, P.423 ERRATA: