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(I) offtWAIMAf, tffAgiAttfM An Advertifement to prevent mif- únderílanding, exceeding fcarcityof time, confiraining me 4 to write thefe Papers in much hafte, andal- lowing me but a curfory or Perufal of them when written, and the like after theprinting, for thecolleainç the Errataof the Prefs, I find by this hafly review, andby foreobfervation ofmens readinefs to mifundertandme, that it is nece fary tofpeak a little more about the following particulars , that I may be underftoodby fuch as are willing tounderfiandme : and the miflakes of others I(hall eaftly bear. Sea. I. lag. 89. There is fomewhat that requireth correelion of the pen, andfomewhat that requireth expli- cation. In tranflating that pillage of Ignatius, [Urals panis qui pro omnibus fraEtus eft] mull be written next [effufus eft] before [& unus Calix.] Andfor thefol- lowing objee-lion, though it was made by a difcreet per- fon, yet I know no ground for it : unleJs If Voffius his Edition leave out z'd £xxxneix ] (which I have not now at hand, but is likelyeft) 1 know not of any Greek copy that leaves it out. indeed Bifhop Ufbers Latine doth, and the Vulgar Latine leaves out the trayflavors :.of the next words before it [7cí5 ÓT6lç e9Sv.W'Sn iv °u.0>re,eeb ] ofwhich faith Bifhop Ufher [Ex interpretatione hac excidiífe vi- deantur.] And noting the corruption of the vulgar Tran- llation in this veryplace , I there premifed t©my Anfwer, (g) that