Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

that it might occasion a change in the Text : that it hath done fo in many places, I think is eafie to prove ; but that ìt bathdone fo here, there is no probability, (if any Greek Copy be as is objected :) and the Reafons ofmy con- jefture of the poffibility, are fo little for a probability, that 45 1 exprefs them not , fo I think them not worth the exprefsing, but rather bid you take that as non dictum. Though of the general I find Bifhop Ufher himfelf faying, both of his Latrne Verfion [Ex eâ fol.â integrtati fua reftitui poffe Ignatium , polliceri non aufim,] and of the firfl GreekEdition [Hanc reliqui fcquuti runt edi- tores ; non ex Graco aliquo codice alio, fed partim ex ingenio, partim ex vetere. Vulgato Latino interprete, non paucis in locis eandem corrigentes] Epift.adLeft. ante Annot. pag.26. Differt. Sea. 2. I naafi intreat theReader to obferve that my drift in this writing is not fo much to oppofe any form of Government meerly tu contrary to the Inflitution or Ape -. flolical Rule, as to plead againft that which I take to be deffruí`tive to the Ends of Government : Not that I defire not a careful adhering to the facred Rule, but z. Becaufe 1 fuppofe that many c'rcumftantials of Difcipline undo- termined is the Word are feignedby feme to be fuhflan- ftantial necef ftsry things : and that many matters are indif- ferent thatJome lay the Peace ifnot the being ofthe church upon. 2. Becaufr-I,,fo far hate contention, that if any Government contrary to my yudgement were let up , that . did not apparently in thenature of it wrong the church, I would elently live under itin peace andquietnefs : and accordingly wouldbe now loth to enter a quarrel with any Writers thatdiffer from us in tolerable things : But if I know that their judgement reduced to practice is like to be the undoing ofmany fouls, and to call Difcipline almoft wholly out of the Church, i think it better to dijpleafe them,