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(6) tion , cemforting, villting the lick, flabljhing the weak, looking to the peor, abflving , arifwering doubts , ex- communicating, and much more.) And therefore as there is a necessity (as the experiencedknow) of many Elders in a particular church of anygreat number, fo it ie fit that molt handsfhould be moil imployed about the laid works of overfight, yet fo as that they may preach as need and occafsn requireth (and adminifler Sacraments) and that the eminent Speakers be malt employed in publickpreach - ing,yet fo as to do their part ofthe refl as occaron requireth: And fo the former Elders that Buie well fhall be worthy of double honour, but eppecially thefe that labour in the Word and Doctrine, by more ordinary publick preaching Andfuchkind of feldom-preaching vilirißers as the for- mer, were in thefir"' times, and Mouldbeinmoll Churches yet that are numerous. Seat. 6. When 1fpeak in thefe Papers therefore ofother mens Concefsions that there were de fado in Scripture times, but oneBi/hop without any fubjelt Presbyters to a particular Church, remember that I fpeak not my own judgement, but urge againfl them their own Concefsions .findwhen I profefs my Agreement with them, it is not in this, much let's in all things, ( for then I needed not dif- fpute againfi t hems,)but it is in this much, that in Scripture times there was de fado, I.No weer Bi/hop of many parti- cular Churches ( or Rated war(hipping Congregations) 2. Nor anydiflinil office or order of Presbyters, that ra- dically hadno Power to ordain,or Govern, or Confirm, &c. (whichare theJubjelt Presbyters Imean.) Sea. 7. Specially remember that by [Biíhops] in that difpute, I mean, according to the Modernufe, one that is no v4rchbinsop, andyet no meer Presbyter, but one fup- pofed to be between both, that is, a Superior to meer Pres- byters in order or office, andnot only in degree or modifi- cation