Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

(7) cation of the exercife ; but below Archbifhaps (whether in order or Degree :) Thefe are they that I difpute againft ; excluding Metropolitans, or Archbifhops from the queftion and that for many Pupils. Sed. 8. If it were proved or granted that there were ArcbbiIhops in thofe times, of Divine Inflitution, it would no whit weaken my Arguments ; For it is only the loweft fort of BiJhops that 1 difpute about yea it confirmeth them. For if every combination of manyparticular Churches had an Archbifhop, then the Governors of fuch Combinations were not meer Bifhops, and then the meer Bithops were Pa- rifk Bithops, or Bifhops of fingle Churches only : and that is it that 1 pleadfor, agatnft Diocefan Bifhops, that have many of thefe Churches (perhaps force hundreds) under one Bifhopof the lodeft rank , having only Presbyters under bimof another order. Sea. 9. 1 f any think that I fhould have anfwered all that is written for anApoftolical Inftitution of Metropoli- tans, or of Archbifheps, or of the fubjeq fort of Presby- ters, or other points here toucht, 1 anfwer them, 1.1n the former my work was not much concerned ; nor can any man prove me engaged to do all that he fancieth me con- cerned to do. z. Few men love to be contradiEed and confuted, and 1 have no reafon toprovoke themfurther then necefsity requireth it. 3.1 takenot all that 1 readfor an ar- gument fo confderable,as to need.Replyes. Ifany value the Arguments that I took not to need eus finfiver , let them make their beft of them : I have taken none of them out of their hands by robbing them of their Books ; if they think themvalid, let them be fo to them. Every Book that we write mu ft not be in folio; and if it were , we fhould leave force body unanfwered flilh 1 have not bee:. a con- temner or neglel-ter of the writings of the contrary - minded. But volumino'+fly to tell the world of that 1 think