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(9) loco only (aa of the kifs oflove,bair,covering,eating things flrangled,and blood,&c.)I take it notfor a proof thatthis is an univerfal (landing Law. one or two of thefe exceptions willhake offtheproofs that forcecount flrong.forthe univer- fal obligationof the Church to Diocefans or Metropolitans. Sea. i i That the Apollles had Epifcopal Power (1meanfuch in each Church where they came, or thefixed Bi(hops had) ]doubt not. Andbesaufe theyfounded Chur- ches according to the *eels of their labors , . and fetled them,andif they could,again vifated them,therefore 1 blame not the Ancients forcalling them theBilhops ofthole Chur- ches. But that each man of them was really a fixedMe- tropolitan , or Patriarch, or hadhis proper Diocefs in which he was Governor in chief, and into which no other Apofile might come as an equal Governor without his leave, this and fuch like is as well proved by filence as by all that i have read for it ofBeaton. or Hifiory, that is, the 74i- monies of theAncients. I find them !onetime claiming a fpecial intereftin the Children that they have begotten by their Miniftry: But doubtlefs when Paul &Barnabas or Si- laswent 'together,fume might be convertedby one, and Tome by another within thefame Diocefsor City.Ifany man Mall convince me,that anygreat flrefs doth lie upon this quefli",1 Thal be willing togivehimmoreofmy reafonsforwhat Ifay. Seet. 12. And as to them that confidently teach that the Apoflles flitted the Ecclefiaftïcal Government to the Politick, and that as by a Law, for the Church univerfally to obey: All the confutation at prefent that 1 will trouble them with, !hall be to tell them, that 1 never raw any thing like aproof ofit, to my underfianding, among all the words that are brought to that purpofe : and to tell them, i. That if Paul chofe Ephefus, Corinth, and other the moll papulous places to preach in, it was but a prudential cireumflantiating of his work, according to that General Lawof doing all to Edification : and not an obit. (b) jatron