Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

(io) gation on all the Paflors or Preachers of the Gofpel to clothe fame inhere the cafe is not the fame. 2. And ifPaul having 'converted many in thefe Cities do there plant Churches (and no other can be proved in Scripture times ) it fol- lows riot that we may plant no Churches but in Cities. 3. And if the greatefl Cities had then the moll numerous hurches,and the moll eminent Pallors,fitted to them, and therefore are named with fame note of excellency above the reft, it followeth not that the ref! aboutthemwere under them by ftbjeliovt. 4. reaif the Bifhops of thechiefCi- tiesfor order fake were ro call Provincial Affemblies, and the meetings to be in their Cities, and they were to be the Prefidents of the reft inSynods,with fetch like circumfian- tial difference, it follorweth not that they were proper Go vernours of the ref!, and the refl to obey them in the Go- vernment oftheir proper charges. Nor that theyhadpow- e- to place and difplace them. 5. Much lets will it prove that thefe eMetropolitans,taking the name ofDiocefans; might put down all the Bifhoos of two hundred Churches under them, and fet up none but Presbyters (in order di- flin5í from Si/hops) over theflocks, betides themfelves 9 andfo theArchbi/Bops having extinguifhed all thefrfl Or- der of Bi/hops offingleChurches, to take thefoie Govern- ment of fo many Churches,even people as well as Presa byters intotheir own hands. 6. And I do not think that theycan prove that the v4poflles did inflitute as many forts of Churcb- Government then, a/s there were ofcivil Policy in the world. All the world had not the Roman form of Government : Nor had leffer Cities the fame dependence upongreater, in all other Countryes. 7. Was it in one degree of fubordination of officers only, or in all, that the Apo/lles fumed the Eccle f aflicall Government to the Civil ? If in O ne,horw es itproved that they intended itin that one, ar, d not in the refi r -If in all, then we muff have