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T20 but twenty year ago what belonged to theft matters, arepfl doubt ofit. And I have no mind to difpute again,i them that contradiiá the common knowledge of the Nation : , s if they fhould doubt whether we hadever a King in England. s , Read over theCanons , and theyearly Vifitation Articles (which the Church - wardens ordinarily froare to prefent by, before they badever read the Book,or heard what was in it) and thenjudge. 3, Their arguing for the file l'uriJdiaion ofBijhops, and that theyonlywereproperly Paflors,andthat Presbyters hadnot the Key of Difcipliue,but ofDocirine,is force evidence. 4. It is known to the Nation, that the Pa- fiors of the Pari/h Churches hadno power by their Laws (or fufferance) tocall out any the moll enormous fanner or He- retick from the Church, nor to bring them to openconfefrion of theirfin, nor to Abfèlve thepenitent, Readingof their Sentence, andpublifl:ing what they fent from their Courts ; and confèquently coulddo nothing of all the means in order hereto : (For the means cannot be ufed where . the end is known to be impofsible.) All theobflinate feandalous perfons, and learners at aholy life, wemuff take its mem- bers of our Churches, having nopower to call themout. In- deedwe hadthefamepower as the Church-wardens, to put our names to their prefentments. But a power of accufang to a Chancellors Court is net aPower of Governing ; efpeci- ally whenPietyunder the name of Precifenefsand Punita- nirm, was fo hated and perfecuted, that to have accufed man for meer prophanefs would havebeen fo farfrom oh- taining the end,au that it was like to have been the undoing of the accufcr, except he had been out of the fiefpicion of Preci fenefs (eta they calledit) himfel. f: But I need not dif- pute this with anybut thole that beingbred in better times (though far fromwhat we define) are unacquaintedwith the cafeof their Predeceffor. Sea. 16. Ojai. But do you not contradia your fell,