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(z3) be theirduty togo on with their work : dud the excommuni- cation will do nogood(unlefs perhaps tomakefomeDivifion, and make both parties the (corn of the ungodly, or procure the rabble to rail more bitterly at their Pallors, andhate all their advice,be a defireablegood.) 4ndas when the Pope excommunicated them,fomeBi/hops again excommunicated the Pope; fofame ofthefe Paflors its like would excommuni- catetheir Metropolitans: Andwhya Bijhop,or at leafl a Sy- nodof Bifhops may not call 4 wicked metropolitan out of their communion,is pall myunder(landing to conceive. Synods arefor CommunionofChurches ; andifwe hada Monarchical, National church in conformity to the Com- mon-wgalth, i knownot how it wouldHandwith the Law of God, for the whole Nation to hold Communionwith an Heretical Primate. A Roman Synod depofed John the thirteenth, andother Popes have been depofed byCouncils. 1 conclude therefore, tharwbat ever power men claim , if the Magiflate interpeje not ( which is extrinf ck_ to the Church- Government in que¡lion ) it will work but on mens Judgements , call it Depofing, Excommunicating, or whatyoupleafe : and thispower no man can takefrom you but by hindring you to freak. Tom may now depofe thus and excommunicate whomyou pleafe, andwhen they have fleighted it, or excommunicated you again, you will have done. Nay I think you do excommunicate us already': Foryou withdraw from our Communion, and draw many with yeti, and fir you exercife your power (1 mean it of thatparty that in thefecondDifputation 1 have to do with. ) Sea. i 5. Much ofmy oppofition to the Englfh Prelacy dependeth on the fisppofition, that they took all the peo- ple , and not only the Presbyters for the òbjeds oftheir Government, or for their chat ge : lnd I find fame of the younger fort that are fprung up lince theirfall; do doubt ofthis. But r. all men in England that knew (h3) bit,-