Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

07) we hadno power ! Is the Power defarable toils, if the Or dinance werenot defirable tothe Church ? 2. What Power have Bi(bops, andwhence didthey receive it, to change the office of Chrifis infitution, or his Apof ies ? If fo , they may turn the three orders ( which the Pápifls themfelves lay the Pope cannot alter) into as many more. Then they may create an office for Baptizing only , and another for the LordsSupper only, andanotherfor praying only, and fo of the refl ; which is worfe then making Lay- elders, or then taking away the Cup in the Sacrament. Hath Chrifi by bit Spirit inflituted church-offices, andare they nowat the Bi- Jhops power to transform them ? "3. If they had power to diftribute the work in the exercife, part to one, andpart to another, yet they have no power todeprive the particular Churches of the whole or anypart ; but one or more muß do it, and the Office naafi be the fame, andthepower e xer- tifed to the edification, andnot the cohfufien and corruption ofthe Church. Sea. 19. ObjeEl. But the Keyswere given only to the Apoftles , and not to the feventy Difciples nor to Presbyters.] Aniw. i. ifthefeventy were only Difci- pies, andnot church-officers, the Ancients andthe Englifli Bithopshave been much miflaken, that bave fo much urged it, that Presbyters fucceed them asBithops do the Apoflles : But if they be officers, then they have the Keys. z. The Epi copal Divines, even the Papifls, commonlyconfcfs that part of the Keys aregiven to the Presbyters : and Chriji' gave them together. 3 .Were theygiven only to .Apoflles for themfelves, or to convey to others If to thenifelves inly, then noone bath themnow. if to convey to athers,then either to ,..4poflles only as their SuccefJors (but there's none fuch) or to Patriarchs er Primates er (Metropolitans, orArchbifhops only (but none of this will pleafe the Bi- Ihops) or to Bilhops only ; which ¡grant , taking Bithops (i) in