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C18) in the Scripturefenfe. And I de/ire to fee itproved, that it wa not a prefumptuo s Innovation in them whofoever they were, that after thedays ofthe Ap ofiles ordained anew fort of Presbyters in the Church that jhould have no power of the Keys. g.. They that mull uCe the Keys, mull have Power to ufe them,But ParijhBithops múfl ufe them (a the nature andnecefsity ofthework doth prove:) Therefore Pa- ri/h Bi jh.ops mull have the Power. Ifonly oneman in a Dlocefs of an hundred or two hundred churches (hall have the power of the Keys, we may knowafter all the talk of Di fci- pline, what Difcipline to expel. Sep, zo. objell. Why blame you Lay- chancellors, Regiflers,Prodors, &c. when you let up Lay- elders r we are as well able to call Chancellors Ecclefiaflical, as you can call Lay - elders fo. ] Anfw. I never pleaded for Lay- elders : Ifother men erre,willitjuftifzeyour error ? But Imutt tell you,anunordained man ina tingle Pariih, ha- vingpower only to afsift the Pallor inGovernment,4farun- like a Lay-Court to Governallthe Churches ofa Diocefs. See. 21. ohjell. Do not your Arguments againft Eilhops for excluding Difcipline, make as much for the cafting out of Minifters,of whom you complain inyour Reformed Pallor for neglect of Difcipline,:] Anf.I.The Nature ofPrelacy aslet up in England,where only one man had r heGovernment offomany Churches, unavoidably ex- cludeth it, ifthebeflmen wereBithops (till it be otherivife formed:) But the nature ofa Parochial Epifcopacy is fitted topromote it. 2. Thofe Presbyters that Iblamedfor neg- lecting thehigheral1sof Difcipline, do yet keep away more prophane pertonsfrom the Lords Supperinfameone Church, then ever I knew kept away inallplaces under the Prelates. 3.1fMiniflers finfully neglect Difcipline,yet aPreachers and Guides,inpublick worlhip,&c. they are of unfpeakabte needand value to theChurch: ButfewBithops of England preached