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Territory adjacent he the Diocefs.]Anfw.Werethere in the ?Territories perfons enough to make many Affemblies, or only fofens ets might travelto,and jay» with theCity Alfem bly ? If the latter, it's it that 1 a(fert,as ufual in the f rfi age at leafl ; 1 f theformer, then either all chafe in the Territo- ries met for publick Warfhipand Consraunion,or not: Ifnor, they finned againfi the Law ofGod that obliged them there- toas'well as Citizens : Ifthey did,then they muff have ei- ther Bi/hop or Presbyter with them, for the dueperformance of that worfhip. Seì. 29. If any think all thefe firagling objellions and advertifements here unfeafonable, I render him this true account ofthem : Thisfirfl Difputation was ; prepared only for our ordinarily MonthlyExercifes here, and fo writ- ten long ago, before theLondon Minitiers Book,or the An- fiver to it, and the refl that have followed, and therefore could not takenotice of much that bath fince paffed, and withal was not intendedfor publick view : But when I law f many ofthe Gentry andCommonaltywithdraw from the publick worJhip, and the ignorant and prophase had learnt to refel their Paflors Inflrnlions , by calling him a Lay- man, andfans how thenew feparation threatned theperditi- on ofmultitudesofthepeople,& efpecially was awakenedby the Calls ofMiniPiers inother Countries that werefar more troubledwith them then we, I thought meet to prefix this to the SecondDifputation, which was it that was defired of me : and therefore to take notice ofthofe things fo late. Sea. 3o. And thecommonexperience tells you that it is not a few that go the way that lately was fingular even among the Epifcopal ; to which 1 may addthe Tefiimony in Vindic. againfi the London MiniPiers, p. 104. [And though i might truly fay that for thole more minute contderations or conjeures,wherein this Doaor dif- fers from,foreothers - he hath the fuffrages c£ many