Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

aI CZ 4) manyofthe Learnedff men of this Church at this day (and as far as he knows, of all that embrace the fame caufe with him) &c. ] Se&. 31. And this at leafl I may expel from the Reader, that if he thinkwe argue weakly, he will confefs that we arguenotfor worldlygreatnefs, butgo again(l our carnal interefl. We contend againfi Bijhopricks of the Englifli mode, as defiringno filch Wealth or Honour. Some ofto have as good opportunities to have a part in that kind of Greatnefs if it were again introduced, as they r But I am not able alonefora Parijh charge, and am loth to have moreon my hands, and my accounts; which is I fuppofe the mindof my Brethren alfo. . Se&. 32. one more Advertifervent I owe the Reader, that this being writtenfo long finco I was madeconfident by Bijliop Uíher, de Primordiis Eccl. Brit. that Ireland was the Ancient Scotia where Palladius, &c. planted the Gofpel, whichpag. 97. I havefigmfied. Bat 1 ¡hould wrong Scotland, if I jhauldnot tell thee, that I have re- ceived filch Arguments to the contrary fttnce then, from the Right honourable, andmy highly valued friend, the Earl ofLawderdail, that I amforced tofufpendmyjudge- ment in that point, till have leifure better to fludy the point) being yet unable toanfwer thePaid arguments.