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1 J Whether it be Neceffaryor Profitable to the right order or the Peace of the Churches of Eng- land that we reftore the extruded Epifcopacy ? N this Qiieflion here are thefe three things fuppofed. i . That there areyet particu- lar Churches of Chrift in England: and therefore thofe that conclude that there bath been noChurch among us lince the Diocefan Bifhops were laid by, are none ofthem that we are now difputing with and indeed we think fo groff a conceit un- worthy ofa Confutation. 2. It is fuppofed that both theright Order and the Peace of thefe Churches are matters highly to be valued. 3. And alto that its our duty for the obtainingof it,todo that which is neref- fary or profitable thereto. But thedoubt is, Whether the Epif, copacy in queftion be neceffaryor profitable thereto? For the decifionwhereof I fhall briefly tell youmy Judge ment, in thefepropofitions, whereof the two firft are but preps-, ratory. Propofition I. dPeacewith the Divines ofthe .Epjfcopaljt dge