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( 3 ) was difpefedover the world, having began at 7erafaletn : and though co Gods praifc we dare rejoycingly affirm, that the molt illuarious and the foundert part of it is in Europe, among the Reformed yet dare we not fay that it is all or the greatelt part here ; Nay we confers that we are but a fmall part of Chrif#s Church. And therefore common fobriety may tell us, that the Peace of fo great a part of Chrifis Church as is in all the refit of the world,is highly tobe valued, and fought with all our might, in righteoufnefs. Moreover, even among the reformed Churches thereare ma- ny for forme Epifcopacy or Superintendency : As the Church of England and Ireland was lately for Diocefan Epifcopacy : fo the Churches in Denmark, Sweden , Saxionie, and other parts of Germany, Tran /ulvania, &mac. are for a lower fort of E,psfcopacy, called Superintendency among them. ,.And the quality of many of the Divines of that way, is fuch asbel eahs our greaten reverenceto them,and fhould move us to third after Unity and Reconciliation with them. Many of them are men ofeminent Learning and Godlinefs,and found in the faith. I know that it is commonly objected, that they are general- ly ungodlymen that are that way ; and though fome of them are Learned men, yet they are all, or ammon all, of carelefs and carnal lives, or meerly formal and fuperftitious and therefore their Communion is not much to be delired. To which I anfwer. a. The plainundenyable truth is that it was fo here with the moll of them in theBifhops dayes, where ever I was acquairred:There were more Minihers in many places that would have fcorned, threatned or troubled a man for a godly diligent life, then that would lead him that way by a good example, We mull fpeakthat truth that cannot be hid, who. ever be difpleafed. To this day, too many of that way are care- lefs and fcandalous. But then Confider withal', z. That it is but too common for the common fort even ofMinihers as well as people, to be carelefsand bad, what ever opinions they are of: Efpecially if the times do difcountenance pra&icai Religioufnefs, the greater part are likely to follow the times, being that way alfo fo'nrongly enclined by nature. 3. Confider alfo that we have had, and have men of that Judgement - that have been ex- B z cellent