Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

cellent Infiruments ofthe Churches good, and fo eminent for Gods graces and gifts,that their names will be precious whileft ChriIt hath in England a Reformed Church : were there in all .England but one fuch man diffenting from us, as Hooper,Far- rar, Latimer,Cranmer, Ridley, jewel, Abbot, Davenant,Vfher, Hall, &c. what !Ober Godly man would not be exceeding fo- licitous for a reconciliation ? I am lure ( betides the godlinefs of their lives and painful preaching ) One jewel, OneVfher, OneDavenant,hathdone fo muctvagainft the Roman Ufurpers, as they will never well claw it off them to the laft. Moreover who knowethnot that moil of the Godly ableMi- nifters of.England lince the Reformation, did judge Epifcopacy Tome of them Lawful, and tome ofthemmolt fit ( for theNon - conlormifts were but few : ) and that even before this late trouble andwar, cheroot+, even almoft ail, of thofe that were of the lace Afîem!4yat Weflminfler, and molt through theland,, did fubfcrtbeand conform to Epifcopai Government, as a thing nor contrary to the word of God ; fo that it is evident that it is. very confluent with a Godly life to judge Epifcopacy lawful and fir; or elfe we fhould not have had fo many hundred learned and godly men ofthat mind. And I am not altogether unapt to believe, that many of them yet are fo far reconcileable to it (moderated,) that if it wereagain eflablifhed,they would fubmit to it as they did : For I hear but offew that have made any recantation oftheir former conformity ; but contrarily have known divers of them profefs a reconcilablenefs as aforesaid, as Mr. gataker doch in one of his books exprefs his own Judgement. If I have proved this preparatory propofition (which I think needeth but litleproof,) then have I alto proved r . That they have finned much who have hitherto forbor.n the ufe of any means for Peace, which was in their power. 2. Andthat we areboundour felves to delire and Peek after a- peace with fuch. men and that we cannot difcharge a good confcience while we negleci fuçh means as is within ourreach , and fit for us to safe. The fecond Propofition is, that [ A Certain Epifcopacy way beMelded to , for the peace ifnot alfo (or the right order of she 0 rch] In the declaration of my judgement concerning this, V