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(.6) convey a Power which 'God the fountain of Power did net ordain and convey : nor can they give what they themfelves had not. The Church-office and Authority therefore that is not proved from the Holy Scripture, is to :be taken as the fruit of huumane arrogancy and prefut-np:ion. YetI deny not but that we may find moth in Antiquity, in Fathers and Councils about mat- ters offall to help usto underfland Tome Scriptures,and fo todif_ Cern the matter of right. Prop. 3. The Scripture doth not Cpntradic, but fuppofe and confirm the light of ature; or áoth it impofe upon any man N4- tural impoffiblities, nor confiitoteoffiee.i'whichcannot be executed, or which wota!d defiroy that end to which they are fatppofed to b.e Gonf itured. Prop. - 4. Ecclef:afiical Authority comprehendeth not the power of the (word, nor any potter Of uJi og violence to mens bodies, or laying,ratalas or confifcat ons on their efiates. The.Ecèlefiaflical Power which Chrifl ordained, was exercifed for the fira three hundred years.witltou.t any touching of mens bodies or purfes, before there were any ChrifïanPrinces. Prop. 5. Mngiftrates are not eo nomine obliged to punifb men becaufe they are Excommunicated (whether upon every juft Ex- communication they fhould punith, I will not now,difpute) but theyare bound toknow that their penalties be deferved, before they infi& them and therefore mull themfelves take Cogni- fence of the Csufe, and as rational. agents, underhand before theya&; andnot blindly follow the Judgements ofthe Bifhops,as if they were but as Executioners where the Bifhops are Judges. Prop. 6. * ThePower of the hi?heft Church-?overnours is ut * i `°mere" an Authority cf Diretling in the way to falvation : Itis but i- hend in the notd Dire- re&ive . but Caen there is no room for the common Object$ioda, icivü xll that that [ then it it no greater then any other ahan mayperform ; ] for is after exprèf- it is one thing toDined Occafionally fromCharity, andanother fed in the fol- thing toDirei by Authority in a (landing office, as purpofely 'lowing, Pro- f a ointed.hereunto... The Power of Church Governors is but _pomons. PP t ,r.Qua ante linperatores Chriflianos in Synodic confceipta fun ad ordinem ant ornat;arra facientia, Leger non vocantur fed Canopes, babenrq; ant folain Concilii vira , ut in bis qua frnguloc mugi fpetane quamunizterfos, ara obligant per modum pal'li volentes nolentes eriana pau- :ciores exmeditate determination; s, at proande ex lege naturali, non ex hermanoaliq ro Imp. rio. Ctrotiusde Ìmperopag. tog, zio. Lege & cap. 9.,per totuin. of