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( 5) this, I make no doubt but I fhall difpleafeboth fides ; the one for yielding fo much ; the other for yielding nomore. But jaEta eft ales : I live not upon mensfavour, nor the air of their applaufe : That truth which difpleafeth at prefent, may tendto peace , and produce it at the laít, when the angry humour is allayed, or at loll, when the angry age is gone. For the clearer determination of this and the main C ueftion following, it is neceffary that I here flay i . Toopen the nature of Church -Government in general : 2. Toopen the fence of the word [ Epifcopacy] and the leverai forts of Bithops. And then 3. I (hall tell you what fort of Epifcopacy it is that I could yield to for the Churches peace. r. I mutt confefs i think that the greateft part of the con- troverleby far,is in this firft queftion,of the natureofEcclefiafti- cal Government, firmly fo called, which is only in the handsof Chrifts Minifters, Bithops or whomfoever, commonly called,, Clergymen. And concerning this ( having writtenmy thoughts more largely elfewhere) I !hall now lay down thefe few Pro- pofirions. Prop. t. .All this power Eccler4ftical is Jure divino, given fromGodhimfelf; and that either immediately, or by the mediati- on only ofthe Apoftles. I mean as to the determination in fpecie,. what it (hall be, and the conftitutionofthat order and power in the Church, though perhaps fotne other caufes,at lean *fine qui- Of thedif bsts non may intervene for the receptionof this power by an in- Terence be_ dividual perfon.Thefe therefore that plead only the Laws of the tween Eledi- Land, or only Canons of former Bithops for their ftandingor nat and ®nd authority, do fay nothing that as to our controverfie is regarda- than nether ble.What mendo, theymay undo,if`there be reafon for it, and if g;ves the it depend on their authority , we mutt fubmit to their reafon. or Power, but. Prop. 2. This `Divine Conftitution of the Speciesof Church- Chriílonly. See Grotzusde= Power and Government, is to befoundwholly in the written wordof Snipe io sum. God, called the holy Scriptures. This we are agreed onagainft Poteft c. to .p., the Papilts, who would fupply the fuppofeddefeásofScripture Z69s z7 ®,. by their unwritten Traditions, which they call theother part of Gods word. Church Canons and Laws of men may determine of fome modes and circumfiances for the better executiondale Lawsof God, by the People whom they are over : but they cannot make new Church Ordinances or Governments nor, 1 3 convey;