Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

verf 14. It is the Salvation of the perfon that is denyed,; and ver. i. It it the )unification of Abraham himfelf that is therementioned ;and ver. 24. it is the man that is Paid to be jufti- fied'by work; andnot byfaithonly; andverfe 2 S. it is Rahab her felfthat is raid tobe juftified by work:. Secondly, The anfwer contradicteth themfelves , or granteth what I delire : for if works juftifie the faith, they muff needs juûifie tae perron in tan- tum, againft any accufationof grofs Infidelity andHypocrifie. Sometime the perfon is )unified when his Action cannot be jufti- fted ( as in cafe of fatisfaction and pardon : ) but to juttifie the action it felf,is thehigheft fort of ;unifying the perfon. So that all other Interpretations being either overthrown, or refolved into that which wtomaintain , I need to fay to more for the defending of it. My next proof is from thofe texts that fay, we Ihall be ?sick- ed according to our work!, and rewardedaccording to our Labour, &c. 2 Cor. 5.9, t o. i Cor.3.8, I Pet. i . 16,17. Matthew 16. 27. C. If men Mall be ¡unified according to their works, then thofe works areno lower then a condition of that jutüfication : But the Antecedent is true, as I prove thus. If men Thal! be judg- ed according to their works, therefore they (hall bejufified according to their works : The reafon of the Confequence is evident ; becaufejudging is the Genet which comprehendeth Jollification and condemnation as itsfprcies. The reafon allo of the confequence of the former Argument is apparent : be- caufe the term [ ofjudging according to works] doth in the common ufe of men fignifie ordinarily that which they call the _ Meritum eau,/a, but never any thing lower then a bare conditi- on : nor can any lower tolerable judiciary fenfe be put upon them, as might eatily be (hewed if it wereworth the (landing on. My next proof is from thole texts that exprefly promife the pardon of tin on conditionof Repentance, Confeilion, &c. If Repentance, and other a6ts are made by the Gofpel, conditi- ons of pardon, ( and our fin i general Pardon) then are they madeconditions of our fir(i admitfion into a flare of Juftifca- Lion. But the Antecedent is plain, in AO. 2, 38, Mar, 14. M Luke