Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

cS ) Luke 13. 35. Ifa.55.6¡. and 1.16, 1708. Ezck.33,Iá, 16. and I8.28,29,30,31,32.Prov,28.13. At?. 3.19. with ma- ny more. The Confequerce is plain, in that Pardon is by very many made the whole of our Juftification ; and by others . confeffed a chief part ;, and by all its confeffed to be made ours on the fame terms as is Juíification it felf. My fourth Proof is from thole textswhich make there kind of A ers to have the place of a condition in order to ft/vation; if they are conditions of falvation, then are they no lefs then conditions of our final Juftification : But the Antecedent is or- dinarily acknowledged by the Opponents, and its proved,- I Tien. 4.8. Heb. 5.9. I Tim. 6.18,19. Luk. 11. 28. and 13.24 I Cor. 9. 24, 25,26, 2,7. 'key. 22. I4. ?ohn I2, 26. Rom. 8. 13. 011at. 5. 2o. Mat. 19. 29. Mat. 6. 1,2,4,6. and 5. 12, 46. and io. 41,42. 2 Their. 1.5, 6. Col. 3. 23, 24. .Heb. 6. 1o. 2. Tim. 4.7,8. gal. 6. 415,6,7,8,9,10. 2 Cor. 9. 6,9. ?ohn 5. 22, 27, 28, 29, cc. The Confcquence is proved good, firft, In that final Juttification and Glorification have the fame conditions ; as is plain, both in many Scriptures (mentioned) and in the nature of the thing : for that Juttifi- cation is the adjudging us to that Glory ; and there- fore fo far as any thing is the caufeor condition of the Glory it fell, it mean be the reafonof the fentence which adjudgeth it tous. Secondly, And falvation is as free as Junification, and no more deferved by man : and therefore the Apoftle equally excludeth works fromboth,Eph. 2.5, 8,9. By Craceye are laved, throughfaith,and that not ofyour (elves, it it the gift of God;not of 1à'ork , leg any man 'horrid boiff. ] fo Tit. 3. 5,6,7. more fully. Now if Salvation bygrace throughfaithwithout works, exclude not fincere obedience from being a Condition of Salvation,, then 7ufift-ation by grace through faith without .works, cloth not ( in Scripture fence ) exclude fincere obedience from being the condition of our final 7uffifeation, nor Repentance from be- ing the condition of our jollification as began : (for there is ea- dem ratio, and the Text makes the one as free without works, as the other ) But 'the Antecedent is plain in the Scriptures, Ergo, &c. My fifth Proof is from thofe texts that in terms feem to a f- trii ;