Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

ThePreface. wouldI have it be any diflionourto them .( thoughan ex- rule to me,) that they have been the Affailantslandbegun the confis : for the Truths ofGodmull be precious to la ..all, andIdoubt nvt but they were confident that it WIU fame dangerous errour, which they let upon, and I have here provedto be the Truth, -Nor is it any fuck wrong to either fide, to be openly contradiled,that PeaEons may be openly produced, andmen may have fomefurther help, to fee into thefe Points. Let the proud (well or fmart, be- catcfe they are thus proclaimed fallible , and miflaken but the Humble that are devo:ed fervants to the Truth, are ofanother f irit, and have learnt another le/fan. And ifany Papift or enemy to our unity andPeace,/hall from thefe Writings predicate our difentions or diva f ans, let them know to theirfaces, that even thefedifferen- ces 2s momentous os they feern,are not veerfogreat as are commonly pubis/hea' among themfelves : nor are they for Number one to twenty, perhaps to a hundred,that are agi- tated in their .Schooles,andthe writings oftheir DoGIors Hadwe fuch differences os thofe ofthe Jefuit Cafuifts opened by Montaltas the Janfenian in his My/lerie ofJe- iuitifm, out of their ,own writings, fomething they might then fayagainfl us. Tea -I doubt not but we differ with more hearty Chriflian Love, then they agree ; ßná have more real union in our controver f es, then they have in their Articles of Faith, and are neerer one another in our fmaller differences , then the French and Italians are in their very Fundamentals. The thirdDifputationwas calledforth by Mr. Warner's Treatife of the Objeé and Office of Faith, and takes ttp the fubjetl of the firft Difputation, with fame others. When that was in the Pre.", Mr. Tombes'sBookagain Infant Baptifmcarneforth, in which 1 found the Pa- (a) pers