Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

ThePreface: (though nothing .tut tgh ept:ma:too, and Aliettivn y Motive.) The Letters that raft between sis were never intended for theview ofthe world r And therefore 1mull de fire the Reader to remember it, if[onetime 1 be more prefsing and vehement,then'manners and reverence require ; be- caufe we life to fpeak freelier its private among Piends, then in thehearing of the world. tAndyet I thought it my duty now to joyn them with the refsfor theft ,deafens. . Becaufe fome paffages in the Writings ofthis Reverend Brother, do in a manner invite me to it. 2. Becaufe the matter requireth me to fJ eak the fame things ; and there- fore it is asgoodaffix the old , as be at the fame .labour needlefly again. 3. Andit can b` no wrong tohim, be- e-dale it is my own Papers that are the nain bulk of what 1 publifh : His Letters being brief , and annexedbut as the occafions of mine. 4. But ofecially, 1 was brought to think it meet, by the open blame that I have received from fame very dear andReverendBrethren,for not pre- ventingthispublike Conteft. And therefore .I thought good to let themfee, that 1 was not wholly wanting topre- vent it. if there be any pikes inthefe Writings too eager or .provoking (which I mufl needsfufpeti even where 1 have not obferved them, as beingconfciotss of too keen a fide, forgetting the per.funs while 1 freak meetly to the words and matter,) 1do intreat my Brethren topardon it,s be- ingnot defigned to their provocation or di(honour,andruI _heartilydo the like by theirs, andas 1 hope Godwill do. both theirs andmine. And 1 do adjure the Reader tAbe' lieve that this Controverte : for all our infirmities is ma- naged withavery high efleem and honour- of thole Reve- tendBrethren, whores lam necefcitated to ,t7ainfay. Nor n>>1uld