Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

) Treat. p. r 29, 13v. it fonds as intolerable Moarine in my ears, that Chrift our Mediator didonly expiate by hit death firs againft the Law and Covenant ofworks, but that thole that are againft the Covenant of Grace, &c. Anfw.A fin is againfl the Lawof Grace or Gofpel,firfl,becaufe it is againft force objet revealed in the Gofpel,which the fin is againft,( as Chrift) I hus fin was exi fated by Chrift : 21y.As it is againft a Preccpt of the Gofpel and thus it is expiated by Chrift 31y.As it is a breachof a mans own Promife or Covenant made to Chrift upon the Cofpel invitation. And thus it is expiated by Chrift. 4ly. Or as it bath refpect to the G ofpel commination, fo as tomake a man the objet ofthe aäuall curfe of this NewCo- venant,or the perfon to whom its proper penalty is become actu- ally due ; as every fin made the penalty ofthe firft Lawactually due to us. This is it that I have faid,that Chrift doth not expiate, and none but this.Some Divines fay,the Gofpel bath no proper curie orcommination&penalty.I ampaf doubt that it hath,even non-liberation, a privation ofall the falvation offered them,and the Remedilefnefs of their ftate, &c. and I have oft opened this, and proved that only final Impenitency and Infidelity , or the finali non-performance of the conditions of life, are thus, peremptorily threatned , and make a man the Subject of the proper actual curie of this Law of Grace. And if after all ex. plications you will 1H11 carry it in confufion, or intimate that men hold intolerable Doctrine, omitting their explications, and by generals making that theirs which they dilclaim : our next reply (hall be patience or if you think indeed, either that the Law of Grace doth oblige any under the penalty of reme- chiefs non-liberation, betides the finally Impenitent and Unbe- lievers, or that Chrift dyed to expiate any mans predominant final Impenitency or Unbelief, I will not trouble youwith any other confutation, then a denyal of it. Treat. p. ibid. Repentance is not an i.gred'eat to our 7esflißsat- tirn asfaithù ; Repentance cu'lifieth the Subjeft, but faith imme- diatly receiveth it,. .1t 3 Anfwere... s