Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

C+) are made righteots by the fecond = ,4ddm ; which if not meant of inherent holinefs Both imply that therighteoufnefs we have by Chrift, is not meerly declarative, but alto conftitutive ; and indeed, one is in order before the other ; for, a man muff be righteous, before he canbe pronouncedor declared fo to be. ] Treat. p. The eAppli°ation of ( ufification ) it attri._ bused to the Holy Gbo,r. Anjay. I know not of any fuch , except firft , where Ju- itification is taken- for San&ification. Secondly , or as the Holy Ghoft is made the Author of the Promife, though I doubt not but he is the Author of faith alto. Treat. 16. The Socinians fay Chrifi jtsflifietb only In- frumentally, not principally ; even fo faith is faidtofave : but this cannot be, becaufe Chri(f is God as Well at clan,and there forecannot be inßrurental, butprincipal. e11nfw. As they err onone hand, that fay Chrill juftifii eth only Inftrumentally ( which flows from their blafphemous denyall of his God-head) fo its an error on the other hand, to fay that Chrift cannot be Inftrumental, but principal ; I prove thecontrary I firft, If Chrift may be an Officer appointed by the Father to the Redemption, and ruling ofmankind, thenmay be be an Inftrument. But, &c. Ergo, e°c. Secondly, If Chrift may be a means, he may be an Inf#ru- ment but he may bea means, for he is called byhimfelf the way to theFather ; anda way is a means. Thirdly, He is called the Fathersfervant : therefore hemay be anInfirument. Fourthly, He is faid to come todo his Fatherswill, therefore he is hisInftruenent. Fifthly, All Power is laid to begiven him, even the Power of judging, john 5. 22. and MactheW 28. 18, 19. therefore be is theFathers Inftrument in fudging. And your reafon is invalid, ( viz. becaufe Chrift is God ) for he is Man as. welt as God , and fo may be Inf}rumental. Treat.