Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

C8g) Lion of condemnation ] and that of the Gape! C the mini - ftration of righteoufnefs lam. z. 9. menare faid to be [ con- vincedof the Lath as tranfgrefJ'ors. j Though Taut confute the falle conceits of Juftification by the Law, yet he rook them for no unfit phrafes to fpeakof [ the Last working wrath ] Rom. 4. I 5. [ The curie of the Law] Gal. 3. i 3 . And faith, whatfa- ever the LaWfaith, it /aith to them that are tinder the Law ] Rom. 3. I 9. When the Lathcomes , fin reviveth,andWe die, Rom. 7. 8, 9. therefore we are faid to be [ delivered from the Lahr, ] Rom. 8. 2. er Gal. 3.13. Rom. 7.6. And Gal. 3. 21. If there bad been a Law given which could havegiven life righteoufnefs fhould have been by the Law. Hence then is mention of being Ishiifled by the Latb,Çal. 5.4. and mens being debtors to the Law, Gal. 5. 3. And fomewhat this way is implyed by Nicodemue , lohn 7.5 t. dotb our LaW judge any man before, cc. ] In a word, what more common among Divines , then to fay, [ the LaW curfetb or condemnethfanners ] And then it is not abhorrent from the natureof a Lawof Grace, an ac`s of Oblivion, to ab. folve and juftifie fanners. Treat. Neither thencouldwefay, that wearejnffifled by Chrifi given so us, but by the propofition laid down in the Scripture, whereas allfay that the objedium quod of ourfaith is ens incom- plexum , not the promife of Chrift , but Chrifi him;elf pro- mifed. e,.4nftb. Itsno impofsible thing tobe juftifed both by Chrift, and by thePromife. There is no ground to fuppofe co-ordi- nates to be contraries. Why may not Chrift given us, juftifie us as the meritorious caufe, and a principal efficient ; and his Gofpel-grant, as his intrument ? And accordingly each of themmay be theobjet of faith. Theprincipal objet is an ens` incomplexum, Chrift himfelf:but a fubordinat Objet is both the Doarine Revealing what he is and hath done, and the promife which offerethhim tous, and telleth us what he will do. if a Princes Son redeem a woman from Captivity , or the Gal- lows and caufe an Inftrument under his own hand ( and the Kings) to be fent to her, alluring her of pardon, and liberty, and