Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

Cgs) and honours with himfelf, if the will take him for her husband, and cru ft him for the accomplifliment ? Is it nor pofsible for this woman to be pardoned and delivered by the King by the Princes ranfom , by the Prince efpoufed and by her marriage with him., and by the InUrument of pardon or conveyance' You may be enriched by a Deed of Gift, and yet it may be an ens'in- ,complexrein that is bellowed on you by that Deed, and enricheth you roo. Your Money and your Leale, both may give you title to your houle. The promife is Gods Deed of Gift , bellowing on us Chrift and pardon, or Juftification with him. Treat. Belides, Abrahamwas Iteffif ed, and he'ismade thepat- tern of all tha,t'hall be lufi, ied : Yet there was no Scripture- grant, or deedof girt in writing, declaring this : God then commu- nicating himfelf to7Belivers in an immediate manner. Ánfw. Was there no Gofpel.grant then extant ? nodeed of Gift of Chrift and his Righteoufnefs to all that Ihould be- lieve ? Nothing to affure men of Juli ification bsy faith but im- mediate communications toBelievers ? if fo, then either there was noChurch, and no falvation : or a Church and falvation without faith inChrift : and either faith in the Me1liah to come for pardon and life was a duty , or no duty : If no duty, then -- If a duty, then there was a Law enjoyning it , and that Law mull needs contain or beconjuni with a revelation of Chrilt, and pardon and life to be had by him. I fuppofe that whatever was the ftanding way of Life and Juflihcation then to the Church , had a ftanding precept andpromife to en- gage to the duty and fecure the benefir. I know not of duty without Precept , nor of faith without a word tobe believed. But this word was not written I True i but what of that ? Was it ever the lefs a Lawor Promife, the Objec} ofFaith, or Infrel -- ment of Juflificarion ? The promife of the reed might be con - veighed by Tradition,and doubtlefs was fo. Or ifthere had b'en no general conditional grant or offer of pardon through Ord in thofe times but only particular communications to föme men, yet would thofe have been neverthelefs inllrumen;al. N Treat.'