Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( 90 ) Treat. Therefore to call this Grant or Condige.4 cl promo the_Scripture, Whofvever fha ±l believe {halt be juftified, a tran- fient agof God, is very tenproper, unlefs in fuck a Jerfe, ae We fay, filch a mans writing is hss hand, and that t wholly i;npert rent . to our purple. Anfii. There are two diiiind:ads of God here that I call Tranfient. The firfi is the Enading of this Law, orgiving this promife. If this were not Godsaí,then it is not his Lawor pro- mile. If it be his ad, it is either Tranfient, or Immanent. I. have not been accuftomed to believe that Legiflation , Promi- fing, mac, are noads, or are Immanent a9s. The fecond is the continued Moral AClion of the Word, which is alío Gods Acti- on by that Word as his Inflrument :. As it is the Action of a written Pardon to Acquit , and of a Leafe togive Title, 6-c. And fo the Law is faid to abfolve, condemn, command, tic.' What itfaith, it faith to them that are under the Late : And to fay, is to A d. Though phylically this is no other Adion then a fign performeth in fignifying or aft dar4entum in producing the Relation, which is called the neareft efficient of that Relati- on. Now either you . think that to oblige ( the moll effential a.d of Laws) to .abfolve, condemn, &c. are Gods ads by his Word, or not. If not, the miftake is fuch as I dare not confute, for fear leafl by opening the greatnefs of it , I offend you. If yea ; .then either it is Gods Immanent ad orhis Tranfient. The former I never to thisday heard or .read any man affirm it to be. That which is done by an Inftrument is no Immanent ad in God : To oblige toduty, to give right to Impunity and Salvation, &c. are doneby Inftruments,viz..the Word of God, as it is the lignifier of his will : therefore they are not Immanent Ads. Moreover, that which is begun in time, and is not from Eternity, is no Immanent Ad. But fuch are the fore-mention- ed becauCe the word which is the Inftrument,was indited time.. Laftly, that which maketh a change on the extrinfick t b ject is no Immanent act; but fuch are thefe Moral acts of the Word : for they change our Relations, and give us a Right which we hadnot before, Oc. therefore they are certainly Iran- fent