Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

C93 mark, as you fay Bsscer doth, though I cannot yet get the Book, it fell Treat. pag. 158. O tbis id excellent, when a man is amdted and in an holy manner confounded at his holinefs , as Well as at his offences, Anfro. So you before fay , they muft be afhamed of their Righteoufnefs as well as their fins. I do not well underftand thefe diftin6tions. Nothing in all the world confoundeth me fo much as the imperfection of my Holinefs : But I dare not think that imperfection tobe no fin, left I muft think the perfection to be no duty and fo come toworks of fupererrogation and Evangelical Counfels. And i-lolinefs contidered in it fell, and not as finfu:l and imperfect , is amiable in my eyes, and I know not how to be afhamed of it, without being afhamed of God that is its object andexemplar, and heaven that is theRate ofits perfection, Treat. ib. Setfamefee', evena remnant at de, comparatively the whole Chrift world both `Doffori andpeople, learned and un- learned, fa/ten on a 7riflification by works.- Alp,. I hope not fomany as you fear, or affirm. Firft all the Doctors and people of your judgement do not : And,if you thought thofe fo exceeding few among Chriftians, you would nor take me for fo fingular as you do. 2. None of the truly fanctified are fuch as you here affirm, 3. The multitude of groundlefs prefumers of FreeGrace are not fuch. And truly though I doubt lufticiaries are too common, I donot thinkthat fuch Prefumptuous ones are fo fmali a Remnanr. ç. The Li- bertines and Antinomians, and manyother Sects of their mind, are none of this great number. 5. I will yet hope for all this , that youcannot prove it of theDoctors and people of half the Chriftïan world. Their hearts trod knows. And I will not yet believe that in their Doctrine about Juftificationby works, Greek;Churches, the .'N rmenians, Jacobites , Copti's, Abailnes, &c. do fatten on fuch dangerous (ands or differ fo much from you, ..