Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(v4) sou. 6. x heard as eminent Divinesas moft T know ( roue yet living) in a publick meeting fay that Btfhop Vibe? andMr. Gataker affirmed, that the PaOs did not fundamentally differ from us in the Doctrine of Juftcfication. Treat. pag. 167. Byallthefefu-btile Djlinalons, men Would be thought AO. d'. Your fcope in that page feems to be againft any dif#inm guifhing whatfoever about works, in this propofition we are pithjiedbyfaith, andnot by work' if fo that we muff not run to anydittinftion, but fay that in every motion or fence, Works areexcluded, and do jufl fie innone, then .I profefs it is pafi my uttmoit sk ll to juft,fie you for accufing Althawer as you do, for flying, l!?'ent:ris 7acabe in carat tours : Yea if he had upon the reading of Mat. 1 z. 36. rifen higher, and faid, Mentiri Chri- fie in caput tuum. For fare he that faith . [ By thywords thole Aalt bejellified ] Or by work; a man is jufl fz d, andnot byfaith only i can no way coflìbly beexcufed from that crime, if no di- Itinft on may verifie his words ; hut they mull then be takenas abfolutely falte : which I will not be perfwaded of. Treat. pag. 219. Serra. 2 ;.Obferv. That even the moil holy and regere,ate man is not Iuflifieet by the wol kr'of grace which he loth. This truth is the moredi'ígently to be af ferted, by -or, much the error that confronts it to more fpecious and refined and main- tained byfiech abettor;, whoferefute t not fo eafty eafE cif' .0 the former wefpake of. Now you come purpofely, I perceive todeal with me: I con- fers the repute of Abettors Both much to :bear up opinions through the world, even with them that fpeak melt againfl im- plicit faith. But you need not defpair of caging off the repute of them you mention. Mr. Robertien and Mr. Crandon can teach any man that will learn that leifon. Treat. ib. The cqueflion ia nc t, Whether We are ruPiicied by Works, though flowingfromgrace, as meritorious or efjîctent 7rt- fii ficRtion.