Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

lification. This the Opi4ionifis we have to deal with, do reje£l "` With indignation. To make Works eithermerits or efficient cafes of our Iisff>fication before God they grant it direlllt to oppofe the Scriptures; yea they feem to be offendedwith the Orthodox, as gi- too much toPith, becaufe its made an lnftrament of our fu- flification : therefore they are to be acquitted at leali from grofs PopeYj. e9nfv. This is one pafrage which I underhand by your Pre- face to you Sermons on'ohn 17. you lookt for thanks for : and I do freely thank you for it : for the world is fuch now , as that T mutt take my felf beholden to any man that doth injure me wich moderation and modefty. But you might have done that juítice co us Opinioni[ts, as to have put [ any caafes at all] in- itead of L efficient castles] when we had fo often told you ( the Orthodox) that we difclaimed all true caufality ; and then your Reader would have been ready to hope that we are free alto from the finer Popery as well as the grofs. But fince I have heard of late times, what it is that goes under thename of Antichrittianity and Popery, even with many that are able to call themfelves Orthodox, and others that diffent from them , worfe then Opinionias ; I confers I begin tohave charitable thoughts 'of a man that is but freed from the charge of grofs Popery : and if chafe tongues fhould free himalto from the im- putation of all the finer Popery, I fhould begin to fufped that fomewhat is amifs. Treat. ib. z. Although to maintain faithandObedience to be the conditions; and acaufa finequa nonof our "unification, be the profefed and avowed Marineof the Socinians, yet fonce of late, have affected the fame Doflrine, that yet abhor Socinian; ifm _rissfro. For this allo T give you the thanks which you exile&.; - ed, on the forefaid grounds. Buy if we affert the fame Doctrine with the Socinians , either it is thefame falié lloc`rine or the fame fundDoctrine. If the later, you might as well have faid, the Socinians affert that there is aGod, and fo do we : But to what.