Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

C98) that deny a Conditionfine qua non of our 'unification, and thole who affirm. A Reverend and Learned Brother, judging himfelf concerned in this opinion iikewífe, deth complain of the want of Candor and truth in my (facing of the Quef on when I rather expec`led thanks for my Ingenuity : Now let any judicious Reader, that is acquainted with controverfie, de- cide wherein any Candor or truth may be delred here. For I fay E caufality ] which is a general word , not efficiency ormerit ; Again, I fay , fome caufality Cau,ralira qw edon,, which is terminus diminuens : yea 1 added the word Concurrence, which might facisfie any how low I brought the Queftion. eArfzrer.\iVill you call to any judicious Reader,to tell you that which I particularly expreft to you ? Again, Then let the judi- cious Reader judge whether you (hould have faid to the world, any of the forecnentioned particulars ; Firfl, That I give any Caufality to works as to j uflification. Secondly, Or that t difference them only in degree of excellency. Thirdly , Or that I affirm, that we may fay, juftifying Repentance, juflify- ingLove,as well as juflifying faith. Fourthly, And this is affirmed pofitively, and vehemently : and all this when I had pofitively and vehemently denyed them. ,Fifthly, Yea, and that only this is . thequeflion betweenus. And what do your defences do to juflifie fuchdealing ? [you Paid only Caufality in general, andnot Efficiency or Merit And did not I openly and privately to you. deny Caufality in . general, andnot only Merit or Efficiency ? and is that pofitive or vehement affirming it? Secondly,Lyou faid,Caufalitas quedam, which is terminus dirninuens.i l f quoad e fe caufal,tatts itbe termi- nu dirrinuens, then the meaning is,that I make them no caufes. But do you think any Reader will Englifh Caufalitas yuxdam, by [ no Caufality ] But doubtiefs you mean that it is 'Fer- mium diminuens as to the quality or nobility of the caufe. But full, I never heard before that qu, dam was terminus diminuens;. and if no Readers muff underffand you, but thofe that know this to be true, I think it will be but few. Secondly, But what if that were fo ? Did you not know that I denyed even all cau 4tty, how diminute foever gt,adam can exprefs, if it be but real ?. .._,..