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( 99 ) real. Thirdly', Bnt you added Ï. C,ncorrencs 1 But it was in Concurrence with the feveral unjuii pafiages before mention- ed : and lure the neighbour-hood of that word hath not force - enough to make them all true. #, Preface. [ 01/11 Reverend Brother faith , F1e vehemently difclaireth all Caufality of Works in yuflifcation : Purely his meaning is all proper caufal efficiency, andfodid I in the sating of it: Brat to deny Caufality in a largefenfe, is to contradiïl bius- felf e infWer. If fo, what hope of Justice ? Mu\f} I in paper after paper difclaim all true Caufality and will younot on- ly perfwade the world of the contrary but perfitt in it , whe- ther I will or not, and fay I mean a [ proper caufal efficiency 1 ] Reader, I have no other remedy left, but to advife thee, that if yet after this it be affirmed the next time that I, dif daim not all true caufality,or mean not as I fay,thou believe not the affirmation. Preface. [ For in kit .Aphorif. 74. Thef. Theybath,viz. Faith and Work! jcsfl'ifie in thefame kind of caufality , or medi- ate it (fhoold be media,)and improper caufes,or as Dr.TWifs caulk difpofitivæ , but with this dfference , Faith at the principal, Obedience as the lefs principal. Here is cas:fality, though im- proper; Here is a eau fa difpofitiva : andyetJhall I be blamedafter IhadremovedEfficiency and Merit? Anftver. This is but to add injufiice to injuflice. When I have written at large that faith and works are no true cciufes of Jullification, and after tell you that a condition is commonly called c,.rufa fine via non, which is catsfa fatua, and no caule at all,but meerly nominal,having by cam obtained that name, and that Dr. arils calls this caufa :difpofiriva : when I fay that they have only a caufality improperly fo called, which indeed is no caufality. Is it jullice for you (till to perfwade the world that ( mean ('ome caufality, though not efficiency ? The thing I renounce:ihe name is not it that youonly charge me with : if Oz you