Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

e you will fay that faith is no A c`f, or Inftrumentality is no pre- tended notion. il Preface. And this maketh me admirehold my learned Brother could let fall one paffage Wherein he may be fo palpably andocularly convinced to the contrary by the firfl looking upon my Arguments ; that Which hefrith is [ the firength of my Arguments, lies up- on a frrppoftion, that conditions have a moral efficiency ] There is no one of there ten Arguments brought againfi 7uf ifica- tion by Works, as aCondition fine qua non, that is built upon this fuppo ition, or kath any dependance on it, only in the fourth Ar- gument after their firength is delivered I do ex abundanti; Thew that a Condition in a Covenant f rií`lly taken hat a moral efficiency. Anfwer. Firft, You confefs it is your A ífertion, that Euch Conditions have a moral efficiency. Secondly, I never faid that you made that aMedium in all your Arguments, nor that you intended that as their firength but that their firength lyeth on that fuppofition ; and if I have rr,iftaken in that, I will not Band in it : But I think to (hew you that without that fup- pófìtion your Arguments have no firength : which if I do, then judge at what you marvailed. But its a farther aft of injuftice in you, in alleadgingme Apoi. p4g. 8. Paying that fome conditions are impulfive caufes, when I told you tt is not qua conditions, but only as materially there is fomewhat in them that is meritorious. I doubt not but the fame thing may be the matter of a caufe and a conditi on. I fhali now return to your Leaf. of Jultification, and there fpeak to theother pafffge in your preface, about juiiifying Re- pentance and Love, &c. Treat., pag. z o. [ This therefore I fha'i ( god willing) undertake to prove, th1r good 73'o,kr are not a condition, or a caufa fine qua non of our y./t,ftcation. AnEwer, But remember that it is J;ufification, either as bey 0 3 guy,