Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(10Z) gun in c.)irititution , car clitinn d , or as pronounced by the Judges Sentence', that the Z1e1}ion comprehendeth,and not on- ly the putting us into a j ítitied flare ; And its works under any notion that you fpeak of, andnot only under the reduplication, rai works. Treat. p.2.2 I. Firfl (hall in./ lance in the great pattern and ex- ample of our ?ull:fea:ion; Abraham ; from Whom the Apoffle concludeth a yuffification of all 73elievers in the like manner he was. Non, that Abraham was not Iugified by Works, or his work ing, though agodly man, the Apoflle, &c. Anfw. r. I dif}inguifh between works in Pauls fenfe, and works in lames his fenfe. And becaufe you fay fo much againft diftinguifhing of works , ( before) as deceitful ; I will firft prove the neceffity of diftinguifhing. r. Works in Pauls fenfe are fuch as make the Reward to be not of Grace, but of Debt. Works in lames his fenfe are not fuch : therefore they are not the fame. Works in Paul; fenfe , are aEl ions as valuable tier- ed to God and juftifying by their value. But works in lames his fenfe, are none fuch. Proved. The works that James fpeaks of muff neceffarily be done : Works inPauls fenfe, we may not fo much as imagine that we can do ; viza fuch as make the Re- ward of Debt, and not of Grace. Though the matter of fuch works may be done, which Jufticiaries thus conceiveof yet un- der fuch a notion,noman may once imagine that he bath them. 2. Works in Paul; fenfe are fuch as Eland in competition with Chrift, or at leaft, would beco. partners with him in a co-ordi- nation. but works in names his fenfe arenone fuch but fuch as ftand in a due fubordination to Chrift ; fuchundoubtedly there are : And fuch names fpeaks of. That Paul fpeaks of works as Competitors with (brill', or as co- ordinare , an hundred Texts will prove ; and the cafe is fo plain, that i think it not worth the infifling on , iceing the im- partial reading over the Epif}1es may fatisfie. 2. 1 diftinguifh of Jufl.=fying, quoad modem, procs randi, or of the diftiná Interefis of mens actions therein , fignifed in the prepofition [ By. Paul (peaks of Jollification [ Py works,