Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(i o; ) works , as by valuable defervirg caufes , or procatar dike caufes , moving Cod to juftit;e us by their worth or by force true caufality prccurirsr¡ it. But Icr;es (peaks of Works as fuppofing the petted. Satisftetionand Merit of( brift, and that all that is valuable to the caufdl procurement of our Juftiñcation is to be found in him alone, and therefore he leaves nocaufality herein to works but takes them as a meercondi- tion, which ceafe fufpending when performed. For the efficien- cy of a condition, is only in fufpending till performed : And fo Rebellion can fufpend; when the ceafing of that Rebellion by obedience, loth not caufe, but only ceafe fufpending. Now I anfwer to your Minor, that Abrahamwas not juftifi- ed by works in Pauli fenfe, but he was in lames's fenfe, unlefs you will own the fa) ing which you chide Althamer for. ( Though I mutt fay that in his Conciliationer Loc. Seri, t. AI- thamer deals more mannerly with lamer. ) Alraham was not juelified by works , as making the Reward of debt , and not of grace : for he had no fuch works : But A6raharm was juftified r , By the act of faith as a condition : therefore by an act under force notion. I knowof fewDivines that deny that faith is a condition of Juftification. 2. confefs your felf that Abrabam was J.uftifïed by faith as an instrument : and you fay that it was by the act of faith (andnot the habit..) And though you take this to be but a nominal act, and really a Paf fion , yet fo do not others for herein youare more fingular (a thoufand to one, asfar as I am able to underftand) then I am in the Doctrine which you charge with fingularity. 3. The faith that .lbrahlmwas juatified by, was not only a bare appre_. hentìonof Chrifis Righteournefs, but a receiving of Chrift as Chrit}, which is called, Work,, by your party. 4. It was either By or Becatife ofhis External Obedience, that Abrahamwas ju- ttified. Proved. r By lames 2.2 T. Was not Abraham our Far ther juftified byworks , when he had offered Ifaac his fon up_ on the Altar ? 2. From Gen.. 22. 12, i 6, 18. By myPelf have Ifworn faith the P,,rd, for becaufe thous hail done :h r thin- and had not w'tb-held thyfon, thine only (ón, that in61,0,,g I will blefí thee, &c. dn.l in thy,fee) (ballall the Nations ofthe earth be,Nei: fed, becaufè thou haft obe:edmJ voice:. But then I muff addt.,that this