Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(ro5) expreCly Phew that it is a Legal 'unification only that he (peàks of, and that he direly intendeth only Legal works. I will now intlan:e but in one, viz. Rom. 4. I;. compared withGen. 22,18 For the promife that hefhould be heir of the world was not to Abrahamand hisfeed by the Lass, but through the righteoufnefs of faith.] Now comparewith this, thewords of the promife it felt, L vind in thyfeedshall all the Nations of the earth be Ref- fec3, becaufe thou haft obeyed my voice,] So ver. t 6, i7. Re- wire thouhaft done this thing, &c,] 4. Its not eafie to conceive how any man can expect a Legal or Pharifaical Iuftiñcation by Evangelical workswithout a grofs contradi &ion : For example to be ¡unified Legally by Evan- gelical faith, delre, love, thanks, joy, felf-denyal, confeffion, &c. are all palpable contradi&ions : And fuch a mans faith muff be thus expreft ; I expect to merit Iufixification legally, by believing in Chrift a1 the Tale 'Waiter of my ,lijificationand Titivation, or by defiring Chrif,or by loving Chrift a thefoieMe- riter of myfalvation : Or by thanking him, or rejoycing in himae the Sole-meriter of myfalvation : Or I expect legally to merit Iif ification, by denying that Icon merit it, by anyrighteeufnefa of my own ; or by confeffing that 1 deferve damnation by my fins or by praying orfeekingforfalvation byfreegift, ad merited only by Chrit,] All thefe are palpable contradictions ; and noman can hold both that knoweth what he doch. 5. Yet I will fuppofe that though no man can fo truft to his works for legal Juftification, that are apprehended by him as Formally Evangelical, yet perhaps he may do it by fome works that are Materially Evangelical, and fancied by him to be what they are nor. And fo I Rill fay that though it were Legal works that Pauldid directly difpute againft yet confequenti- ally and indirectly he difpureth againft works commanded only in theGofpel, ifmen will do them to Legal ends , and fancy them to be of the value legally to juftifie them. 6. I will therefore fuppofe fome men to be fo unreafonable, as ro expect a Legal .unification , by their believing or confef- ling that Garin only can Legally juftifie them , and not them- felves ; and fa I will grant you, that Pauldoth (confcquenti. ally) exclude 11 work', even Evangelical works from juftifica- P Lion :