Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(yc6) Pion : But though he exclude all works, yet not in every notion, nor cloth he exc_iude Ail inrfref of All works in our Juftificati- on. All works as valuable bfferings , be excludes, and fo as me- ritorious, not only in point of Commutative Jufi ce, but alfo in point of Legal worth and I.egal Juftice, as the Pharifees fup- pofed themmeritorious : All works he excludes from all proper Cauality. But he doth not exclude all works from having any Interctt at all in fubordination to Chrift.. Doyou verily believe that Repentance and Faith have no Intereft in our Pardon in. fub-ordination to Chrift ? If you fay, No,not any, youcontra- id ..iod, and your fell, and all the Chriftian world. If you fay, Tea, but they juflifie not qua works ; you fay nothing to the conrul,erfe : For I have over and over as loud as yau,. profeffeá that they jufttfie notformaliter as works. if you fay they have any Intereft : Y. Tell us better what it is. 2. And then you confute your general affertion. There's no Chriftian that I know but will confefs that the Gofpel works have the inte.. reit of Declaring ftgn.r in our final Iuftification. And few will: deny that Repentance bath the intereft of a neceffary qualifica- tion or condition to our firft Juftification. Now would you perfwadeus that Paulexcludeth this kind of Intereft , or oppo- feth faith to it?Ifnot againft thefgnal intereft of works,thennot againft all Intereft ; therefore if Pauls general exclufonwill confef with your fgnal Intereft, then I (hall maintain that it will confift with the fore-explained Conditional intereft. I will ñot therefore be guilty of your charge of limiting the Holy Ghoft. If he fpake of all works, I will believe he means All Warkr. rut 1. If be over and over near an hundred times vt leaft, explain himfelf as (peakingof the Law, I will not Phut my ears againft that explication. And 2. I will grant it is allo all Evangelical FV.rks , at leaft by confequence : rut I need . not therefore grant that becaufe he excludeth X1!1 Wo; k., there- fore he excludeth All kind of interefl of all works ; but only that fort which he difputeth againft.. Betides all this, I mutt diftinguifh of 7u/iifcation Legal and Evangelical, refpedive to the promifes and threatnings of the Law and Gofpel, which do differ. No works at all did ju- kifie eftbrahonaa from the charge of the Law Thom art a f nrer, as